The Lexus UX is What Lexus Thinks is a Subcompact Crossover

March 1, 2018

The subcompact crossover class is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing segments in the automotive industry. Even premium offerings like the Audi Q2 have entered the scene, bringing with them the command driving position of an SUV and the easy maneuverability of a subcompact hatch. Now, Lexus is about to enter that realm with the soon-to-be-unveiled UX or Urban Crossover.

The Japanese premium automaker revealed images that show off a compact body that possesses the trademark athletic yet sophisticated design of the brand. The bold front end, the sharp-looking spindle grille, flared wings, and haunches all speak of modern SUV style—albeit in a small and easy to drive package.

While it may be smallish on the outside, the UX interior is nothing but top-class-in true Lexus fashion. Occupant space is plentiful, says Lexus, and the driver is treated to the latest in tech and info displays. And while it may be an entry into the brand,the UX shows off its core technologies that put it at par with its contemporaries.

At present, no powertrain or further details have been revealed about the Lexus UX. Expect these and more as Toyota and Lexus present the vehicle to the world at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

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