The LF-30 Concept shows us what Lexus has in store for us in the near future

October 26, 2019

Lexus has always been known for its smooth, refined, and dynamic vehicles.

With the dawn of electrification upon us, however, one wonders what the future holds for the Japanese luxury automaker.

Well, the answer can be seen in the LF-30 Concept that debuts at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

A quick glance at the futuristic vehicle reveals cool gullwing doors. While it may just be a concept car showpiece, it does impart the impression that this car is all about the passengers and their comfort.

Step inside the cabin and you’ll be greeted by an entry point that is devoid of any B-pillars. Once inside, the front passenger’s seat can be configured a la aircraft style (business class, mind you) for total comfort.

Those at the back will enjoy the tech-laden glass roof display that can be set to different sceneries. This allows them to be immersed in a totally different world.

Oh, and the windows themselves have an opcacity feature to help those with privacy issues. And all this can be controlled using gesture control.

Beyond the looks and tech, the Lexus LF-30 also boasts of four electric motors set at each of the four wheels.

With a total system utput of 536hp, it allows the concept to run from 0-100kph in just 3.8 seconds and reach a 200kph top speed. All this while having a projected range of 500kms before topping up.

Speaking of battery top ups, the 110kWh battery can be charged using wireless charging. And those four electric motors allow the car to run in either front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive.

The Lexus LF-30 concept is envisioned to be in production around the year 2030. Or its core technologies, at least.

But for now, you can catch it at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show that runs from October 25 to November 4, 2019.

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