Looks Like the Ferrari Museums Continue to Be on Many People’s Bucket List

December 6, 2017

Many of us have a bucket list of places to visit or things to do.  For many car nuts, visiting the birthplace or museum showcasing the history of their favorite car brand is usually on the itinerary. And it seems like Ferrari is one of the most ticked items on those bucket lists.

This can be seen in the vast number of people who have set foot in these museums during the past eleven months of 2017. It was reported that some 500,000 patrons visited the said museums from January to November of this year. That number is a 12 percent rise over the 478,000 guests recorded last year. And yes, 2017 isn’t over yet, mind you.

With two historical places bearing its name, Ferrari notes that its Ferrari Museum in Maranello takes in most of the visitors. Over the course of 2017, some 350,000 museum visitors have toured its historic halls, up by 8 percent compared to last year. This year’s traffic was most likely dawn by the new attractions, namely, Rosso Infinito or Infinte Red, and Under the Skin.

The Museo Enzo Ferrari in in Modena, on the other hand, has drawn some 150,000 patrons as of November 2017. That’s a staggering 19 percent growth over last year’s ticket sales. The biggest crowd-drawer, Ferrari says, is the Driving With the Stars exhibit that showcases the different Prancing Horses owned by celebrities from the sporting, cultural, and entertainment fields.

Either way, each of the Ferrari Museums show off the marque’s rich heritage. They are a treasury of Ferrari’s past, present, and future. And they are a testament to why the world is so enamored with the Prancing Horse.

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