Maximize your family’s online productivity with Converge’s better and faster FiberX 1500

September 13, 2022

Time is rapidly changing in a rate no one could have ever imagined a few years ago. As regard, our modern society sees time or this era as something that is increasingly fast-paced in terms of productivity. This is a result of the advent of digitalism and internet technology.

First-world countries such as Singapore, Japan, and the United States have already stepped up their a-games to provide their people with faster and better internet access for productivity in work, business, education, entertainment, and more. However, developing countries like our very own Philippines is ever so rapidly gaining traction.

Proof of this is Converge ICT Solutions Inc. (Converge), with its continuous relentless efforts to develop and improve itself so Filipinos can experience near-first-world-country levels of internet speeds to maximize productivity for the whole family.

One such, and very recent, achievement of Converge is its new and improved FiberX 1500, which, in one of James Deakin’s “Tito’Clock” episodes, was highlighted by Mr. Jesus “Boboy” C. Romero, the COO of Converge. He proudly elaborated the quirks and features of the aforementioned entry-level fiber technology powered internet plan.

In summary, the new Converge FiberX 1500 now has 100mbps, a notable 50mbps faster than its previous version. This, in turn, improves internet speed, quality, and capacity while reducing lag, down-time, and other common challenges faced by internet users nationwide. To ordinary households connected to Converge, this means increased productivity in all aspects.

Real-world advantages of Converge FiberX 1500

In a more close-to-home side of things, those who work from home are now able to keep up with short-noticed tasks, stay connected to online meetings, quickly email/download/upload larger files, among others.

On the other hand, those who run small or medium businesses at home can now better rely on online everything for their hustling. This means marketing business though multiple shopping sites, paying apps, and social media platforms are now faster and more streamlined with the new Converge FiberX 1500.

Moreover, students doing full online or hybrid face-to-face classes (required set number of days online and set number of days physical classes in a week) can now attend to online meetings more consistently, listen more attentively, submit assignments and large-file projects faster, and more.

On top of those, multi-media content creators such as photographers, videographers, vloggers, musicians, and of course, even influencers can now showcase their stuff the best they can while connecting around the world - all that with the new and improved Converge FiberX 1500.

Getting in and experiencing Converge FiberX 1500!

So, how can one get onboard Converge’s faster than ever internet ride and experience FiberX 1500? There are two easy ways to choose from. First of which is via the Converge ICT Solutions Inc. official website called ( ). From there, click on Register to create an account and log in. After that, click on “Check Availability” tab so Converge can assess whether your area is within its coverage based on the information you filled in. If everything’s all well and good, you can then proceed to clicking the “Apply Now” tab to start your subscription. The rest are smooth and easy steps.

Alternatively, you can also apply for a Converge FiberX1500 using the official app available on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


As a new subscriber to Converge, you’re in the best position to win big with its “Go fast, Go Win, Go Fiber” promo. Applicable only to new Converge internet subscribers, get a chance to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max, an Apple MacBook Air, or a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Converge is drawing 5 winners for each said gadgets. Log on to to know more about this exciting welcoming party. Promo period is ongoing until 11:59 pm of September 23, 2022.

One more good reason to switch to Converge

So with all things Converge FiberX 1500 discussed, here’s one more something to take into consideration as to why you should switch to Converge – Did you know that Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. just won the Ookla Speedtest Award for Top-Rated Fixed Network in the Philippines?

Yes! The relatively newcomer in the hotly-contested local internet service provider market was cited as the fastest for the first half of 2022. Being recognized with such a title in these modern times means Converge is currently the Philippines’ internet speed king! And with the recent 100mbps boost, it looks like Converge is going to hold on to that lead for as long as it can evolve.

But what’s Ookla, you ask? It’s the company behind Speedtest, the globally-recognized mobile and broadband internet speed/performance testing app. How’s that for a solid assurance?

So there you have it! Enjoy and be taken for an exhilarating internet ride with Converge FiberX 1500, now boosted with 100mbps of speed and power!

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Randolph de Leon
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