MIAS 2018: GAZelle PH showcases full line up to shake the local commercial vehicle market

April 7, 2018

Fresh from its Philippine debut, Russian carmaker GAZ, through its official local distributor GAZelle Motors Corp. took this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) as an avenue to let its presence be known.

In this regard, it unveiled new models during the said motoring event; new models that serve to compliments its previously-launched nameplates and to shake up the Japanese- and Chinese-dominated commercial vehicle market.

First on the list is a new addition to the GAZelle NEXT line. Presenting, the GAZelle NEXT base chassis. As its name implies, this model served as the “jack of all trades” within the NEXT line up. According to GAZElle, it’s the brand’s way of helping entrepreneurs move forward with their businesses. It comes with over 300 add-ons for various business purposes like deliveries or transport services. Just like the GAZelle NEXT minibus and Citiline, the GAZelle NEXT base chassis is powered by a Cummins 2.8L diesel engine with 150 hp and 330 Nm of torque.

Aside from the GAZelle NEXT base chassis, the brand also pulled the wraps off the Gazon NEXT. To simplify, this is essentially the larger version of the GAZelle NEXT chassis. It weighs about 8.7 tons, has a 5-ton payload capacity, and comes with an array of modifications for different business purposes. Because of this, its brake, steering, and suspension systems have been optimized to keep up with the demands of Filipino entrepreneurs. GAZelle is offering the Gazon NEXT with 2 wheelbase options; standard and extended.

Alongside the Gazon is the Sadko. It’s a medium duty all-wheel-drive truck that GAZelle claims to be popular among the armed forces of many countries, as well as those companies who work on deserts, jungles, or mountainous areas. Likewise, it comes with various body configurations for different purposes.

Lastly is the Ural. This is offered in 2 kinds; the shuttle bus and the dump truck. Both are designed for medium duties and come with all-wheel drive systems to better perform tasks. The thing about the Ural is that its capabilities go beyond paved roads as GAZelle claims it ro excel on off-road conditions as well.

To see these new GAZelle Motors Corp. models in person, you may visit its MIAS booth until April 8 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Photos by GAZelle Motors Corp.

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