Russia enters PH automotive market with GAZelle Motors Corporation

March 4, 2018

The rising demand for cleaner, more fuel efficiant diesel-fed commercial vehicles (CV) in the Philippines are on an all-time high. In this regard, Russian company GAZ Group, in partnership with Eastern Petroleum, has introduced GAZelle Motors Corp., a new brand set to stir up the Japanese-, Indian-, and Chinese-dominated local CV market.

For its initial salvo, GAZelle Motors Corp. will be rolling out 2 models aimed to improve public transport, thus boosting the government’s PUV Modernization Program. These are the GAZelle Next Minibuses and the GAZelle Next Citiline frame buses.

Boasting a modern design with notable interior comfort and amenities, the GAZelle Next Minibus can accommodate 17 occupants. Its versatility goes beyond just serving a s a PUV, as it can be optioned to become a transport service for persons with disabilities (PWD), airport shuttle, and a school bus, among others.

On the other hand, the GAZelle Next Citiline frame bus comes shorter yet wider than the Minibus. As a result, it can seat up to 19 people. And just like the Minibus, it also comes fitted with comfortable seats. It also has railings so commuters can move about more easily.

Both machines are powered by a Cummins 2.8L diesel engine that delivers 150 hp and 330 Nm of torque. Best part is that this is Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliant, meaning that this engine is poised to be cleaner and more fuel efficient.

Of note, the GAZelle Next Minibus and Citiline frame bus will be sold through 5 of GAZelle Motors Corp.’s dealerships nationwide. Meanwhile, after sales and servicing will be through 35 service centers courtesy of Rapide and Payless. To know more about GAZ Group's history and success, click here.

(Photos by Paolo Lesaca)

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