More Comfort, More Options with the Hyundai County New Breeze

March 1, 2023

The redesigned Hyundai County New Breeze is now sleeker and longer, with extra seating capacity and more options. This alone, among its many other upgraded features, translates to more opportunities and potentially more profit from Hariphil Asia Resources, Inc.’s (HARI) best- selling minibus for business, school, and government use.

More seating options

The Long Body edition at 7,110mm has a seating capacity of 29+1 with standard seats; the Extra-Long Body edition, which is 600mm longer at 7,710mm, has two available variants: 29+1 (with reclining seats) and 32+1 (with standard seats). It also stands taller at 2,870 mm to include the roof electric ventilator and condenser unit for the air conditioning.

More restful journeys

Inside, the redesigned cabin invites rest and relaxation. Panoramic windows give a superbly sweeping view of the road; and foldable jump seats that may be adjusted to one’s preferred height enhance passenger comfort. The A/C system has been relocated to the rooftop, which makes it less exposed to dirt and improves air flow, thus efficiently keeping the cabin cool and comfy. And thanks to the new digital climate control system that is accessible to passengers and driver, one can automatically monitor and maintain the desired temperature levels inside the cabin.

More convenience

Drivers will appreciate the ergonomic cockpit which is designed to operate the vehicle with minimal effort—no fumbling! At center is a 3.5-inch Supervision LCD cluster that displays critical vehicle information with digital precision, speed, and razor-sharp clarity. While all switches are logically arranged in rows and clearly labelled for quick identification and within the driver’s reach for convenient operation.

The new M850B audio unit includes radio, CD player, TV connection, driver speaker, AUX input, USB, and an external microphone input for public address system which allows the driver to communicate with passengers without disrupting the overall restful mood. What’s more to ask for a good day’s travel? With its upgraded features, the Hyundai County New Breeze goes a long way in making every trip more than just about the destination but a journey worth experiencing over and over again.

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