This One-Off Honda CR-V Diesel Goes Racing

November 13, 2017

The Honda CR-V has always been considered as a comfy daily driver that usually caters to families.  Yet this doesn’t mean a group of ex-soldiers can’t convert it into a race car and use it to go play on the track, right?

Well, this is exactly what the boys from Mission Motorsport, a forces’ charity motorsport team, did as it built a one-off Honda CR-V race car that competed in last weekend’s Race of Remembrance, held at Anglesey Circuit in North Wales. The contingent drove the specially-prepped CR-V all throughout the 12-hour race.

Starting life out as a top-spec 1.6-liter DTEC diesel CR-V fitted with a 9-speed gearbox, the CUV underwent a bit of a makeover to prep it for race weekend. The panoramic glass roof, for instance, has been replaced with a clear panel, while the seats and other interior bits have been taken out in favor of a custom roll cage. And of course, racing seats and harnesses are there to keep drivers in place.

More tweaks can be seen outside, particularly on the hood and roof, with air scoops that aid engine and interior cooling, respectively. A LED light bar on the grille gives added visibility during the nighttime part of the 12-hour race, while upgraded suspension, Brembo brakes from a Civic Type R, and Civic Sport wheels have been added to the mix. And yes, regulation-spec front tow hooks and a lower ride height complete the setup.

The Mission Motorsport team was made up of war veterans Private Lionel O’Connor, and Jon-Allan Butterworth MBE, along with Mission Motorsport CEO and Chief Instructor Retired Mayor James Cameron, and motoring journalist Alex Goy. The two soldiers, it must be noted, both lost their left leg and arm, respectively, in battle. Yet they strive to show the world they can go racing.

And just like the CR-V, running the race and actually finishing it is not impossible.

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