The Opulent Mercedes-Maybach Pullman Now Gets More Power and Luxury Fit for Discriminating Clients

March 15, 2018

While the Mercedes-Benz S-Class sits at the top of the model hierarchy, there are folks who still think that it is a bit pedestrian. For snobs, err, clients like these, maybe a Mercedes-Maybach Pullman might be the way to go. And the three-pointed star’s luxury marque (yes, redundant, we know) has updated its most opulent offering to keep things interesting.

The 6.5m long sedan now features a new grille with vertical slats. This styling cue takes inspiration from some of the most finely-cut pinstriped suits in the business. More gentlemanly touches come in the form of new two-tone paint schemes, as well as new alloy wheel designs with the trademark 10-hole design. Just like the outside, the cabin fit for a King (or a Head of State) can be spec’d with shades such as magma grey, mahogany brown, or silk beige/deep sea blue.

Apart from the new trims inside and out, this luxubarge gets a boost In power. The 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 now puts out 630hp and an earth-pulling 1,000Nm of torque. The S650, as it is now dubbed, can go from rest to the century mark in 6.5 seconds. While it’s no sports car (and it doesn’t pretend to be), it should give the lucky owner more than enough punch to stay ahead of the rest of the common folk.

The refreshed Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is now available to order.  

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