Petron beefs up high-temperature protection line with HTP Premium fluids

October 7, 2018

For a car engine to work at its optimum pace, it has to reach an operating temperature of 90 to 104 degrees Celsius. This is considered normal, but things like variable weather, driving style, road condition, and even wear and tear from daily use can push the temp higher. As a result, overheating and numerous damages to the engine may occur.

Petron Philippines has this in mind, thus its recent introduction of its improved HTP Premium fluid line up. HTP stands for High temperature Protection, and as its name implies, it protects the engine against excessive operation temperatures by keeping things cool. Well, not frigid cool, but cool enough to not go beyond the above said normal operating temperatures. Without going too, too technical, the secret of the Petron HTP Premium fluids is on how the oil giants managed to formulate it with notable oxidation- and friction-fighting capabilities.

Petron Blaze Racing HTP

At the top of the line up is the Blaze HTP motor oil. Designed for high-performance gasoline engines, the Blaze HTP motor oil specially formulated with high quality base oils. Polyalphaolefin, which provides better oxidation and thermal resistance than mineral base oil, and advanced additive system to meet the most severe and stringent requirements of high-performance or daily use.

Petron Rev-X Turbo HTP

To those who drive turbo, non-turbo, ordinary, high-performance, and heavy-duty diesel-fuelled vehicles, Petron is offering the Rev-X Turbo HTP engine oil. It’s made and beefed up with PAO base oil, thus providing extended engine protection due to its outstanding oxidation and thermal stability. In addition to this, it comes with performance additives which help prevent soot and piston deposits, thus maintaining superior engine cleanliness and efficiency.

Petron GHTP Gear Oil

The Petron GHTP Gear Oil is suited for automatic, manual, and even continuous variable transmissions. It has excellent thermal and oxidation stability, is compatible with commonly- used seal materials, and has excellent water and air releasing ability. Best part is that it can also protect axles and other moving coadjusted to exclusively protect and prolong automatic transmissions. mponents connected to the engine.

Petron ATF HTP

The Petron ATF HTP is formulated to match the GHTP Gear Oil. The difference is that this is adjusted to exclusively protect and prolong automatic transmissions. Also like the GHTP, it provides extended protection in friction stability and clutch durability. It protects, bearings, clutch plates, seals and other components from wear and corrosion, and its excellent foaming characteristics ensure optimum operability and longer transmission life.

Petron Grease HTP

Petron created the Grease HTP using the same friction-ending properties found on its fluid line up. One can use the Grease HTP for a multitude of components such as chassis and suspension parts, ball joints, and wheel bearings. Other multi-purpose applications include industrial gear and bearing sets, bushings, slides, fifth wheels, farm and off-highway equipment, and others. Beyond automotive, the Petron Grease HTP can also be applied on bicycle and motorbike basic moving parts, garage door hinges, metal works and wood works machinery, and pretty much anything that needs lubrication and friction protection around the house or workshop.

Petron Brake Fluid HTP

Lastly, Petron came up with the Brake Fluid HTP for those who put a premium on protecting and maintaining their vehicles’ braking system, whether that system may be high-performance or ordinary. designed for high temperature braking systems, exceeding the performance of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 116 DOT 4. With its excellent boiling point as well as outstanding physical and chemical stability, it ensures safe and efficient braking performance.

The aforementioned Petron HTP Premium fluid line up is now available at your nearest Petron service station.

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