Petron holds 4th SafeRun competition, highlights motorcycle safety, fuel efficiency

March 27, 2018

Petron Corporation recently concluded its 4th SafeRun motorcycle competition. As part of the oil giant’s road safety advocacy, it’s where riders converge in a friendly competition that highlights one’s safety consciousness, riding etiquette, and proper motorcycle maintenance.

This year’s Petron SafeRun revolved around the theme “The ultimate safety and fuel efficiency reality challenge.” That being said, around 280 riders set off on a 600 km journey on the night of March 9 until the dawn of March 10.

From its starting point at the Laus Group Center in San Fernando, Pampanga, the participants were required to stop over select Petron service stations that also served as check points. Along the way, each participant is observed in terms of how safely he/she navigates the route and how attentive and obedient he/she is to traffic rules.

Aside from these, participants are also observed on how fuel efficient they are on the road. Grouped into categories based on the machines’ engine displacements, the one who logged in the highest fuel efficiency rating (rated as (Km/L) on his/her category was deemed the winner. Below is the complete list of winners per category.

“Through this event, we would like to encourage riders to give due attention to their vehicle’s roadworthiness through proper maintenance which, when combined with good riding skills and observance of traffic rules, leads to both road safety and fuel efficiency. Of course, we also want to prove, through this event, that Petron Sprint motorcycle oils and Petron fuels are the best match to deliver outstanding performance in terms of fuel economy as well as long distance travel,” said Petron Local Station Manager Amerlino “Bong” Paguia

Photo by: Petron Corporation

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