PRO-FRIENDS developments will soon experience the joys of Cashless beep card payments

May 2, 2018

L-R Chona Basilio, AF Payments Inc. CFO; Peter Maher, AF Payments Inc. President and CEO; Juny Santillan, PRO-FRIENDS SVP and Strategic Business Unit 1 head; and Terence Crisostomo, PRO-FRIENDS VP and Estate and Asset Management head lead the contract signing that turns PRO-FRIENDS developments into cashless communities powered by beep™ card.

It used to be that beep cards were only useful for getting a ride at the MRT, LRT, or some bus routes. Nowadays, however, the tap-and-go cards can be used to pay for transactions at your local community. Case in point is the upcoming partnership between AF Payments Inc.—operator of beep cards—and real estate developer Property Company of Friends Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS)

Beginning June 1, 2018, PRO-FRIENDS’ Lancaster New City in Cavite will begin accepting tap-and-go payments for transport and other amenities. A month after, Bellefort Estates will likewise likewise provide the same convenience to its residents. All that’s needed is to purchase a beep card-enabled resident ID from their respective Administration Offices.

Once they have the ID, the Lancaster New City and Bellefort Estates residents can simply load their beep cards at designated kiosks located throughout their respective townships.  Apart from this, they can likewise load up a wallet using an NFC-enbled Android device—allowing them to use the cards to make payments..

The latest partnership with PRO-FRIENDS is yet another innovative way beep cards allows Filipinos to experience the joys of cashless payments. As with the MRT and bus rides, the new beep card service will soon enable residents to simply tap their card to pay for various services. Not only is it convenient but it is safe as well as they don’t need to bring cash with them just to get around.

Residents may inquire at their respective Administration Offices about the new beep card IDs.

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