The province of Bataan takes delivery of the first batch of Isuzu’s Modern PUV

August 3, 2019

Isuzu Modern PUV line-up turned over to MECI

Over the past year, various transport groups and local government units across the country have been making the shift to modernize their fleets with the modern Public Utility Vehicles offered by leading manufacturers. This time, it’s Balanga, Bataan’s turn to acquire a fleet of new rides, courtesy of Isuzu Philippines Corporation.

The turnover was held recently at the Vista Mall parking grounds where an initial 15 units of the Isuzu QKR77-based modern PUVs were received by MetroExpress Connect Inc. The Class 2 units will feature side-facing seats, all the modern amenities like CCTV, dashcams, GPS, automated fare collection system, and the like—all of which are designed for comfort and safety for all.

The Euro-4 compliant PUVs are likewise meant to reduce air and noise pollution, as well as get passengers to their different destinations with efficiency and peace of mind. Moreover, the modern PUVs are designed to comply with today’s transport vehicle satety and environmental standards. The same goes for the Almazora Motors Corporation-designed and manufactured bodies.

Of course, the 15 units  for Bataan are only the beginning. With the Department of Transportation and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board’s thrust to bring the country’s public transport system to the new millennium, we can expect to see more modern PUVs on our roads real soon.

IPC Executives and MECI Officials during the ribbon cutting

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