Rolls-Royce Rose Phantom is luxurious flower power on wheels

December 16, 2019

Just recently, Rolls-Royce wowed us with the release of a unique Red Phantom.

This one not only pushed the limits of Bespoke Desiogn but also showcased how one’s imagination can take the ultra-traditional luxury automobile into uncharted territory.

Well, it seems that there’s no limit to how one can commission their Rolls, this as seen in the one-off Rose Phantom.

Yes, you read that right: Rose.

As in the flower that is the theme of the stately sedan’s interior.

While the Rose theme may not exactly be too far off for Rolls-Royce, what’s interesting about this one are the one million stitches used to embroider the flowers and other elements inside the cabin.

You’ve got silver and Charles Blue—both of which match the exterior’s Peacock Blue finish.

And what’s a Rose theme without butterflies? This one gets these pretty flying beauties as well, in brighter shades to boot.

While Rolls-Royce did not get into specifics about how long it took to create such a masterpiece, the result itself should be enough to convey that it was a labor of love by the folks of Bespoke Collective.

The Rose Phantom is proof enough that the only limit to how one can commission their Rolls-Royce is their imagination.

So, how would you design your Rolls-Royce?

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