Several Subaru models recalled for valve spring, multinfo display issues

November 3, 2018

Subaru Corporation has recently issued a recall on a few issues involving some of its vehicles. The said recall affects valve springs and multinformation display readouts on select Subaru nameplates.

First up are the valve springs on the FA20 and FB20 engines of the 2013 BRZ, 2013-2014 Legacy/Outback, 2012-2014 Forester, and 2012-2014 XV. While no untoward incidents have been reported, Subaru and its subsidiary, Motor Image, want to ensure the safety of its customers by replacing the valve springs that could break under stress.   If unchecked, this could lead to unusual noises coming from the engine bay, and even engine stalling.

As for the multinformation display issue, this one affects 2018 Subaru Legacy/Outback models produced before August 1 , 2018. This one may show inaccurate fuel level, distance to empty, and other readouts that could mislead drivers. Again, Subaru and Motor Image are only taking the necessary precautions to ensure that these are n good working order and to ensure the safety of tis clients.

Get in touch with your friendly Subaru dealer to see if your vehicle is affected by the recall.

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