Subaru’s EyeSight Safety Suite Makes Its Way to Asia Via the Singapore Motor Show

January 11, 2018

Subaru has always been known to build vehicles that are fun to drive, capable of going just about anywhere while still providing that extra margin of safety. These attributes are made possible by technologies that are integrated into the heart of every Subaru via core technologies that help it achieve such.

Thanks to tech such as the boxer engine, symmetrical all-wheel drive, and the Subaru Global Platform, the vehicle remains firmly planted, is able to tackle most any weather or surface condition, and still makes for a comfortable daily driver.

Subaru, however, thinks that these aren’t enough, which is why it puts forth EyeSight, a range of driver assist systems that help avoid accidents. The new suite of technologies makes its way to Asia through the Singapore Motor Show.

Presented by Subaru Asia Pacific distributor Motor Image, EyeSight uses a series of stereo cameras that constantly monitor the vehicle’s surroundings for obstacles, other vehicles, and other hazards, and applies appropriate measures (brakes, accelerator) to help avoid a collision and have a safe drive.

Being a suite of systems, the EyeSight safety tech includes:

  • PreCollision Braking: warns the driver via audible and visual warnings if an obstacle is in his or her way, and applies the brakes if no action is taken
  • PreCollision Throttle Management: cuts engine power if an obstacle is dectected in front of the vehicle
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: helps keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front
  • Lane Sway warning: helps avoid swaying out of one’s lane
  • Lane Departure Warning: warns the driver if he or she has drifted from the lane
  • Lead Vehicle Start Alert: warns the driver if the vehicle in front has begun moving forward—usually when stopped at a traffic light or intersection

To further understand how this works, watch the video below:

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