Suzuki PH clears mid-year 2018 in style with the launch of the all-new Dzire and Swift

June 29, 2018

Suzuki Philippines (SPH) crossed the halfway point of 2018 in style as it launched the all-new versions of 2 of its most popular subcompact vehicles, the Dzire sedan and Swift hatchback. Engineered to look and feel better than their predecessors, both vehicles come with not just style, but some new goodies to make them stand out.

All-new Suzuki Dzire

Firstly, SPH says that the Dzire targets the millennials and the young car buying demographic in general. This is the reason why the all-new 3rd generation Dzire strikes a bolder, more stylish design. Its overall body shape, for instance, was improved with better rounded corners and panels, making it look sleeker than its predecessor.

Suzuki also fine-tuned how the all-new Dzire stands. Comparing to the old model, this new version projects a lower and wider stance. Its practicality was also enhanced with added trunk space to accommodate more cargo if needed.

But the main highlight of the Dzire is not just its style and practicality. Case in point, Suzuki strapped in a new kind of automatic transmission to compliment the car’s already tried and true 5-speed manual. It’s called the Auto Gear Shift or AGS which basically combines the ease-of-use of an automatic with the driver-oriented nature of a manual. Refer to this short feature about the advantages of the AGS and how it works

On that note, we also have a special feature that highlights the all-new Dzire and its AGS technology in practice around the 3.7 km-long Batangas Racing Circuit. Yes, it obviously is not a track star. But letting it loose around the track says a lot about how Suzuki upped the level of its engineering and technology.

All-new Suzuki Swift

As for the all-new Swift, Suzuki took it for a quick makeover session. As a result, it evokes a daring style transformation, but retains key features that made Filipinos love it from the get-go. It’s sportier and sleeker, yet presents the old version’s vibes through its shoulder lines, blacked out A-pillars for wrap-around windows, side window panels, and vertical lamps.

Much like the Dzire, the Swift boasts a stance that’s shorter, lower, and wider; making for a hatchback that looks dapper in the city and on the open road. Its practicality was also enhanced with a 54L luggage capacity to carry more stuff.

Similarities and differences

Both the Dzire and Swift run with a 1.2L mill that delivers 82 hp and 113 Nm of torque, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. The difference is that as said, the Dzire can be optioned with the new 5-speed ASG automatic. The Swift, on the other hand, has a CVT variant for those looking for an almost effortless drive.

In addition, both vehicles were also engineered to showcase Suzuki’s new generation platform called HEARTECT. It’s characterized by a continuous underbody frame, a product of an extensive engineering feat that aims to overhaul the entire underbody structure and its related components. The result is a more rigid foundation that adds handling points.

For safety, both the Dzire and Swift come with Total Effective Control Technology, a feature that absorbs the brunt of frontal impact, thus lessening pedestrian injury. Aside from this, the vehicles are also fitted with dual air bags for passenger protection.

Variants, pricing, and color options

The all-new Suzuki Dzire is available in 2 variants; the GL MT and the GL+ AGS. The former sells for P638,000 while the latter can be had for P698,000. Color options include Premium Arctic White, Premium Midnight Black, and Metallic Silky Silver for the GL. The GL+, meanwhile, has the Premium Oxford Blue, Premium Sherwood Brown, Premium Arctic White, Premium Midnight Black, and Metallic Magma Grey.

For the all-new Swift, SPH field 3 available variants - the GL MT, GL CVT, and GLX CVT. These are stickered at P755,000, P799,000, and P899,000, respectively. Color options include Speedy Blue Metallic, Fervent Red, Pure White Pearl, Premium Silver Metallic, Mineral Grey Metallic, and Super Black Pearl.

Photos by Paolo Lesaca

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