There’s an earthquake drill happening at BGC this coming September 27

September 24, 2018

While we all don’t want to experience The Big One—or that killer earthquake that scientists are predicting--, it isn’t a bad idea to make sure that we’re prepared to deal with it. One way is to conduct regular earthquake drills, which the folks at Bonifacio Global City will be doing this September 27, 2018.

Set to take place from 10am to 12pm, the city-wide earthquake drill will see major roads closed off to vehicular traffic. More specifically, the following roads will be closed during the said period:

  • 5th Ave. (26th St. to 32nd St. and 32nd St. to 34th St.)
  • 39th St. (Triangle Drive to 11th Ave.)
  • 10th Ave. (25th St. to McKinley Parkway)
  • 2nd Ave. (32nd St. to 31st St.) southbound
  • 3rd Ave. (31st St. to 32nd St.)

To make things more realistic, traffic lights will be temporarily turned off, which may result in added confusion. Don’t fret, though, as marshals will be on hand to assist motorists and pedestrians during the said exercise.

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