The Toyota GR Super Sport is a 1,000hp Super Hybrid Racer

January 15, 2018

Motorsport, it has been said, helps improve the breed. It seems that Toyota has taken this to heart as it, through its motorsport arm, Gazoo Racing, has constantly been working to up the ante in terms of how its everyday vehicles perform. And it does so using know-how from its experience at the racetrack.

Its latest endeavor is the Toyota Gazoo Racing GR Super Sport Concept. While it may look like a derivative of the TS050 hybrid racer used in the FIA World Endurance Championship series, this one adds a bit more oomph underneath the sheetmetal.

The car utilizes a 2.4-liter twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline motor paired with the Toyota Hybrid System-Racing. This combo gives the racer a total system output of 1,000hp. Yes, the lofty numbers allow the car to blast through the track while still being friendly at the pump.

All this cutting-edge tech was made possible by constant research and development done at no less than the world’s racetracks. Thanks to its participation in various races and rallies, Toyota was able to gain enough knowledge to put together a car with such high tech components.

And Toyota Gazoo Racing’s gains aren’t just confined to concepts unveiled at events like the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018. The Japanese car company will begin taking orders for the Toyota Vitz (Yaris) GRMN in April. This car, as enthusiasts will note, is at the pinnacle of Toyota’s GR Series that was unveiled last year.

And this, Toyota says, is just the beginning. We can expect more exciting things from them and Gazoo Racing in the years to come.

The Toyota GR Super Sport Concept makes its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018.

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