In true Volkswagen tradition, the ID.3 is touted as the very first Electric People’s Car

September 11, 2019

It was in 1938 when German carmaker Volkswagen revolutionized the auto industry by introducing the very first People’s Car, the Beetle.

Since then, the world has had a love affair with the cute little Bug.

Yet times have changed.

We now live in a world that’s set to go fully electric.

For this, VW has an answer—the Volkswagen ID.3—its first fully-electric mass production vehicle.

While it may not exactly look like a Beetle, the ID.3 does take the shape of a five-door hatchback with a low drag coefficient of just 0.267. Moreover, its electric MEB architecture translates to more space inside, says Volkswagen.

The ID.3 uses an innovative flat battery pack mounted on the rear axle together with the electric motor and the single speed transmission.

Other systems like the steering rack and AC compressor are placed up front, freeing up space inside the cabin.

Besides the packaging, the ID.3 boasts of a range that should be more than adequate for most users. Based on the figures given by VW, it should drive akin to a regular fossil fuel powered ride—minus the emissions.

Buyers can choose from three types of batteries based on their driving needs. The base model gets a 45kwH unit with around 330kms of range on a single charge. Those that need more can go for the 58kwH battery with 420kms while the 77kwH pack will return about 550kms.

That electric motor is said to produce 204hp  and 310Nm of torque and drives the rear wheels.

VW has not given any acceleration times but says that the ID.3 can deliver rapid acceleration.

And even as VW will offer the car as a budget friendly EV, it promises to equip each ID.3 rather nicely with goodies like adaptive cruise control, satellite navigation, and even a Beats audio system.

All these depending on the trim level, of course.

Volkswagen will begin producing the ID.3 in November of this year.

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