Tuason Racing green lights 2019 Giti Formula V1 Challenge

May 11, 2019

Tuason Racing, the country’s premier racing and safety driving school, has formally launched the 2019 season of its highly-successful Giti Formula V1 Challenge. Held recently at the Manila Polo Club in Makati, the media launch was attended to by some of this season’s roster of racers, race sponsors, media partners, among others.

In review, the Giti Formula V1 Challenge, which is made possible this year in partnership with its prime sponsors Giti Tires and Phoenix Pulse Technology, is touted as the historic return of single-seat racing in the country. It’s the next level in the Philippine motorsports ladder after such grassroots racing events as the Toyota Vios Cup and FlatOut Race Series (FORS).

Underscoring the “challenge” in Formula V1 Challenge, all drivers use a single-seat race machine which Tuason Racing built in partnership with West Racing Cars Japan. Each machine runs with a Toyota-sourced bone-stock 1.5L gasoline engine and manual transmission. With the advantage of a light-weight construction, the V1 racecar can sprint from 0-100 km/h in a blistering 4.1 secs, an acceleration figure which would eventually reach a maximum speed in excess of 220 km/h.

In this light, it can be considered that the Giti Formula V1 Challenge isn’t just about the machine, but more of driver talent, skill, and bravery as all compete in equal terms. And while in the subject of skill, the Giti Formula V1 Challenge is divided into 2 classes; Amateur (Am) Class and Professional (Pro) Class. The former is where drivers with a considerable amount of grassroots competition experience do battle. The latter, on the other hand, is the avenue for veteran or more experienced racers to unleash their prowess.

With its inaugural season concluding in flying colors last year, the Giti Formula V1 Challenge is now considered as the highest form of motorsports in the Philippines. This achievement is largely due to the efforts of Tuason Racing’s main man, JP Tuason, whose dreams of establishing the country’s own “Pinnacle of Motorsports” is now being realized.

“With the growth of grassroots motorsports spearheaded by Toyota’s Vios Cup One Make Race program, racing is coming back with a vengeance. We at Tuason Racing in our long years in the motorsports business have always believed that Filipinos are made for racing, given the right opportunities and training, we can be a major player in any grid around the world. So when this opportunity crossed our paths three years ago (the conceptualization stage of what would become the Giti Formula V1 Challenge), we believed that this is the next important step in rebuilding Philippine motorsports and making Filipino Global Racing Champions,” shared JP Tuason as he announced some of the new things in store for this year’s season.

One of those is the successful commencement of the Phoenix FV1 Young Drivers Program. Basically, this program invited young drivers from different motorsports disciplines such as drifting, touring car racing, GT racing, slalom, Vios Cup, FORS, karting, and more. It held a stringent selection process last month which resulted to a trio of talented drivers getting seats in the 2019 Giti Formula V1 grid. They are Patrick Dela Rosa (GT), Tara Laconico (karting), and Raffy Rabe (Touge Battle). Rabe would claim rack top honors in the said program, thus earning him the seat as the ace driver of team Phoenix Racing.

On May 18 to 19, all roads will lead to the Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC) for the opening round of the 2019 Giti Formula V1 Challenge. This is an exciting event never to miss out, an event that highlights Tuason Racing’s 20 years of excellence. Meanwhile, Round 2 and Round 3 will be held on July 20 to 21 and October 19 to 20, respectively at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. There will also be an endurance race to be held on November 16 at Clark as well. This year’s Giti Formula V1 Challenge Champion will be given the opportunity to represent the country in the regional race to be held on December 7 to 8 in Suzuka, Japan.

Refer to the list below for the complete driver/team lineup as per the Giti Formula V1 Challenge Tune Up/Level Up session held last month.

Photos by Randolph de Leon and Tuason Racing

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