Vespa PH’s “Racing Sixties” limited edition models honor the golden age of speed

July 27, 2020

If asked, many who’ve been enthusiasts of anything on wheels back in the day would say that the ‘60s were the golden age of racing. May it be in the form of an automobile or a motorbike, the common denominator would always be mankind’s relentless pursuit of speed and victory.

Over 5 decades have passed; the same passion for thrill and excitement on wheels never faded. In fact, it has thrived quite a lot, thanks to modernization.

Vespa knows this by heart. That’s why through its official local distributor, MotiItalia Philippines, Inc. (a partner of the Autohub Group), the Italian scooter specialist proudly presented its “Racing Sixties” edition of the latest GTS Super and Sprint.

Inspiration for the Vespa “Racing Sixties” series comes from the gentlemen riders’ races of the 1960s, a world in which freedom of expression extended as far as the vehicle customisation arena. During that decade, riders were fuelled by a great spirit of independence and autonomy, determinedly choosing their team, the races in which to compete, and even the aesthetics of their vehicle, particularly in terms of its colors, graphics and materials that banner the riders’ nationalities.

The brand-new yellow and red trims stand out on the chassis’ green and white respectively, of the grittiest models in the Vespa range, the Sprint with its 115cc engine and GTS Super, powered by the 300cc HPE motor.

In addition to the evocative, nostalgic color scheme, a brand-new seat, golden wheel rims and matte black details, give life to two aesthetic proposals that stand out for their elegant sportiness: the first (yellow paired with green) more classic and the second (red with white) offering a more dynamic, fresh and modern mood.

The style choices adopted for the Vespa “Racing Sixties” special series echo the feats of legendary sports personalities, conjuring up memories of legendary circuits such as the Monaco or Monza Grand Prix tracks, or historic championships like the Targa Florio.

But the journey down nostalgia lane extends to how the rider fits in. Motoitalia makes this possible by offering riders with a choice of “Racing Sixties” accessories for the next exciting road trip. Examples of these include helmets, shirts, sweatshirts, and more that tie in with the bikes’ iconic theme.

Click here to watch the full online launch video of the Vespa GTS Super and Sprint Racing Sixties in the Philippines.

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