Volkswagen PH, Gary V team up for We Move You campaign

February 22, 2020

Gary Valenciano, more popularly known as “Mr. Pure Energy,” was recently tapped by Volkswagen Philippines as its newest brand ambassador. In this light, the OPM legend spearheaded the German car brand’s 2020 opening campaign called “We Move You,” which is happening from February 22 to 23 at the Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City.

Named after Gary V’s relentless energetic vibe on and off the stage, the Volkswagen We Move You campaign has been seen to represent the perfect blend of one extraordinary performer and an equally iconic automotive brand. Gary V has built a legendary reputation as a total performer in his 34-year career in the music, film, and television industries. The Volkswagen brand, on the other hand, has created and maintained a global heritage and tradition of manufacturing German-engineered automobiles designed for people and their families for 83 years.

“Much like how Gary V makes us feel when he performs, we believe that Volkswagen vehicles have the power to excite and energize. In a Volkswagen, you will want to move, drive, and go places. With Volkswagen, We Move You,” shared Volkswagen Philippines President Felipe Estrella.

Of course, a Gary V appearance would not be complete without him blasting a set of dancing and singing performances to wow the crowds. Among his performances include such legendary hist as Hataw Na, Di Bale Na Lang, Shout For Joy, and Warrior is a Child. These numbers highlighted the venue’s car displays, among them is the Lamando sedan which is Gary V’s most favorite VW model.

To move would-be buyers and mallgoers to make that first step to owning their own Volkswagen vehicles, special discounts were offered exclusive to the event, such as an automatic P90,000 less on the Santana AT S variant, P66,000 off the Santana MT, and P85,000 discount on the Lavida.

This was on top of the Seda Hotel voucher given to every customer who secured a reservation during the event. Fun games were also held during the 2-day event to keep visitors and audiences engaged.

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Randolph de Leon
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