Volvo sees its 360c Concept as a viable alternative to short-haul flights

September 6, 2018

We’ve all heard of fully autonomous concept cars. You know, the kind that doesn’t require a human being to pilot the vehicle. We’ve also seen a few manufacturers put forth customizable interiors that easily transform from a mobile office to a playful cabin. So the Volvo 360c Concept is nothing new.

Or is it?

Yes, the Swedish carmaker is proposing a fully autonomous electric vehicle that will take you to your destination without you having to get behind the wheel.  In fact, there is no steering wheel, pedals, or any provisions for such to speak of.

But what sets this concept apart from the others is how Volvo envisions it to be—a viable alternative to short-distance air travel. Rather then line up at a crowded airport and go thru various security checks, as well as sitting in economy class for a few hours en route to say, Vigan or even Cebu, the Volvo 360c can get you to your destination in total comfort.

Thanks to the fully configurable cabin, the 360c will go from a mobile office or rolling restaurant booth to a bedroom on wheels in a flash. (or the press of a button). Either way, it will drive you to your destination while you get on with your life. You can either get some work done or even “meet” with clients online, You can also take breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the table which likewise doubles as a touchscreen. And yes, a bed allows you to stretch out and sleep in peace.

Then there is the aspect of autonomous driving which supposedly makes things safer and stress-free. While technically, these are true, the Swedish automaker does not give any specifics about range and fast this thing can drive itself. And maybe it doesn’t need to since it is merely a study.

Yet it does pose a very interesting way of traveling, especially for long trips. Whether it will actually become a reality, however, remains to be seen.

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