You may soon be able to drive a zero-emissions Jaguar E-Type

August 25, 2018

Around a year gao, Jaguar unveiled a concept showing off its classic E-Type roadster powered by an electric motor. The British luxury carmaker says that response has been overwhelming since then and that it has finally decided to produce the zero-emissions classic.

Yes, the Jaguar E-Type Zero will soon be available to order. While the British marque has not revaled any specs just yet, the concept’s tech figures hint at the use of a 40kw lithium-ion battery mounted up front. Power is sent to the existing rear differential via driveshaft andf a single-speed transmission. And Jaguar claimed back then that this car could hit 100kph from rest in just 5.5 seconds—a second quicker than the original inline-6 modle.

Jaguar Classic, the car’s builder, notes that it would be able to convert existing cars into EVs should owners choose to do so. And it can revert back to using the old motors if they change their minds.

Apart from the new LED headlamps, the electric E-Type looks strikingly like its forbearer. Inside is where most of the cosmetic changes were made, beginning with the new digital instrument cluster and infotainment system. A rotary knob takes the place of the gearshift lever.

Expect to see the Jaguar E-Type Zero hit the road sometime in mid-2020.

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