Your new MINI still comes at pre-TRAIN prices until the 15th of June

May 14, 2018

MINI has always been the quintessential representation of everything British in the automotive industry. It practically encapsulates British culture on four wheels with its style and technology. Whether it’s a classic or modern-day MINI, this is Britain at its finest.

So it’s rather cool that the AutoHub Group, through exclusive MINI importer and distributor in the country, British United Automobiles Inc., has decided to hold off any price increase of MINI vehicles until June 15, 2018. Despite higher taxes imposed by the TRAIN law, MINI will still be available at pre-TRAIN prices.

As if this isn’t enough, select customers got the chance to fly to the United Kingdom to visit the sights and sounds of one of the most iconic cities in the world, London. They were likewise given the opportunity to check out where it all began for MINI—the MINI Plant in Oxford. All they had to do was visit any of the MINI dealerships from May 11 to 13 and take part in the MINI Midnight Deals promo.

For those that weren’t so lucky, you can still get the ride that has now become a cult favorite. It comes at pre-TRAIN law prices with hefty savings to boot. Hurry, though, as this will only happen until June 15, 2018. Visit your friendly MINI dealer today.

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