BYD to Soon Roll Out the SkyRail

January 4, 2017

BYD is known for building some of the world’s most advanced yet affordable alternative fuel vehicles around. Its electric cars, for instance, are sold in some 200 cities throughout 48 countries across the globe. But did you know that BYD also makes trains for a living?

That’s right, the alternative energy vehicle maker recently unveiled its SkyRail (or Yungui) that is set for roll out in major Chinese cities real soon. The SkyRail sets itself apart by being more of an overground metro system that can be used in small and medium cities. This is opposed to the larger trains that are roaming most cities today.

The SkyRail takes pride in benefits like construction costs that are only a fifth of a regular train. Moreover, the time it takes to put these things together is only two-thirds that of its counterparts. This makes it a more cost-effective option, particularly for tourist and commercial areas that need a viable and safe transport system for such highly congested centers.

Besides the trains, BYD will also manufacture the whole range of equipment, including rails, beams, posts, signaling, and operation systems. BYD has said that some 20 Chinese cities have already signed up for the SkyRail project, with a combined length of roughly 3,000kms. And with a speed of about 80kph, ferrying 500,000 passengers a day, it’s easy to see why the system is a practicable means of transport.

And it may only be a matter of time before the SkyRail can also be seen in most Southeast Asian cities, says BYD.


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