Nissan Juke Does a J-Turn Move Using Only Its Around View Monitor

December 9, 2016

Nissan has been promoting the amazing abilities of its Around View Monitor (AVM) technology for quite some time now. The system, which uses four cameras strategically positioned around the vehicle, gives drivers a bird’s eye view of the car via a dash-mounted monitor. Available on a wide range of Nissan offerings, it has made many drivers’ lives more convenient.

Now, Nissan, together with stuntman Paul Smith, push the limits of the AVM envelope as the pair attempted to do a J-turn parking maneuver—blindly. When we say blindly, we mean all the windows of the Nissan Juke stunt vehicle being blacked out, with Smith using only the AVM system and dashboard monitor for guidance.

And with a bit of practice and a lot of patience, Paul successful reversed and parked the funky crossover in a mere 18cm distance more than the length of the Juke. With the Juke being a short vehicle, you get an idea of how precise the move was.

Of course, Paul Smith is no stranger to such stunts. Needless to say, he reminds kids that they shouldn’t try this at home. But at least, this proves that if you are able, it can be done.

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