Piaggio Vietnam Appoints Gianluca Fiume as Chairman and General Director

May 14, 2017

In line with its strategy to strengthen its Asian operations, Piaggio, through its Vietnam subsidiary, proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Gianluca Fiume as Chairman and General Director of Piaggio Vietnam. Mr. Fiume is likewise appointed as Executive Vice-President of Asia 2 Wheeler.

Hailing from Bolzano, North Italy, Mr. Gianluca Fiume began his career in 1993 after graduating from University, with a degree in Economics. He started out in the media, later becoming Sales Manager for Middle East and Africa for Benetton from 1995 to 2001. This was followed by his stint as Sales Director for Beretta in 2001.

He began his career at Piaggio in 2008, where he was Head of 2 Wheeler in Europe. He later became the Head of European and Emerging Markets in 2014. This, along with his innovative MOTOPLEX distribution concept, made him the most eligible candidate for the Asia Pacific post.

To Mr. Gianluca Fiume, we wish you all the best.

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