Rolls-Royce Gives Its Clients the Colors of Spring and Summer in Its Latest Collection

October 31, 2016

It’s no secret that each and every Rolls-Royce that comes out of the Goodwood, Englad factory is unique. Each client can specify every aspect of the car—from the leather used to thw name of the tree that the wood is taken from—to fit their tastes. In fact, the only limitation to the possibilities is their own imagination.

To help them out, the House of Rolls-Royce has commissioned some of the world’s top fashion designers to come up with its latest Spring/Summer Collection for 2017. You’ve got textile specialist Cherica Haye from the Royal College of Art, and Michelle Lusby from Mullberry working under the watchful tutelage of Design Director Giles Taylor. Together, the team has come up with the Bespoke commissions that give a “depth of inspiration” to the already luxurious marque.

One of the fruits of their labor is Dawn—Inspired by Fashion. Starting with a white canvass, the color is nicely contrasted by the hues of Mugello Red, Mandarin, or Cobalto Blue. These are the colors of the 2016/2017 Spring Summer Collection. Well, these are actually the shades used in the interior accents. They complement the Arctic White and Black theme of the seats and other cabin pieces, as seen on the embroidered headrests and intricately stitched piping.

It’s all about the little details that make a Rolls-Royce what it is. The door pockets for instance, are made of the finest silk, while an abstract Spirit of Ecstasy adorns each piece. Then there is the Piano White dashboard, complete with aluminum particles for the trualy exquisite appearance. And what Rolls would be complete without the bespoke clock that is like a jewel on a lady, enhancing her beauty?

All these touches are finished off in Andalucian White, with a hint of color that runs along the car’s flowing hip line. It’s the kind of treatment that exudes power, grace, and elegance that only a Rolls-Royce can evoke. And the good news is, you can commission it now. Well, if you can afford the truly fine things in life.

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