See How Perfection is Created at the House of Rolls-Royce

April 12, 2017

Last December, the Home of Rolls-Royce released a short film depicting the story of the iconic symbol of perfection, the Spirit of Ecstasy. As we got the know how the most luxurious motor car in the world came into being, the folks at Goodwood follow this up with the second installment of the short film series. This time, it lets us in on how perfection is crafted.

With the elegant voice of Hollywood actress Kate Winslet, The House of Rolls-Royce tells the story of how sculptors, colorists, designers, and engineers pour their heart and soul into every car they create. In fact, it is more than just an automobile to them; it is a symbol of perfection. They live by co-founder Sir Henry Royce’s mantra of taking the best and making it better. And if it doesn’t exist, design it.

rolls royce film second

These principles are seen in everything they do. From the leather that is lovingly handcrafted for 17 days, to the month-long process to put the veneers together. Then there is the five meter long coachline that Mark Court painstakingly applies to each car using a brush made from ox and squirrel hair. And who can miss the starlight headliner that uses 1,340 fiber optic pieces, taking at least a day to complete? And that’s not even for the Bespoke order.

rolls royce film second2

So it’s no wonder it takes more than 60 pairs of hands and 400 hours to put together what is essentially the symbol of perfection in motoring. So sit back and get to know more about the House of Rolls-Royce.

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