Uber PH launches new security feature, requires drivers to take a selfie

March 15, 2017

In a recent event held at its headquarters in Taguig City, Uber Philippines rolled out its newest feature to ensure the security of its riders. It’s called the Real-Time ID Check, and it basically requires drivers to periodically take a selfie as they go online prior to accepting a ride.

The reason for this is to verify or compare the photo of the driver in the selfie to the photo of the driver that’s already on Uber’s file. If the 2 photos don’t match, the driver’s account will be temporarily blocked. Of course, Uber will take necessary steps to investigate the matter.

On the driver’s side, this latest security feature reduces the risk of his/her account being compromised. That’s because it allows them to secure their accounts from being stolen or copied.

“We at Uber are constantly looking for ways to strengthen our technology-enabled security features. We look into new solutions and test them to proactively use and maximize the capability of available technologies, and how these can be instrumental in our commitment to providing safe, reliable, and convenient rides,” said Uber Philippines General Manager Laurence Cua.

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Aside from this latest security feature, Uber already has GPS tracking so each ride can be monitored from pickup to drop-off. It also has a feature that lets riders share their trip details to their immediate contacts. In addition, there’s also the Uber Family Profile which allows the rider to share an account with his or her family for them to use.


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