As bright as daylight--minus the price: Pegasus LightsAttack LED Headlights

May 28, 2018

Our car's headlights, it has been said, are considered as a pair of eyes to see the road ahead. This is especially true at night, when all we have to go on is the illumination thrown on our desired path.

This is why it is important to have a bright pair of "eyes". Or in this case, a pair of headlights such as Pegasus LightsAttack LED Headlights. As the name suggests, this is not your typical pair of bulbs but an advanced set that utilizes the latest in Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.

Pegasus LighhtsAttack LED Headlights feature a perfect light design that translates to clear beams and a more focused lighting. The pure white 6500k bulbs only utlize 21w of power but match or even surpass their halogen counterparts in terms of brightness. Moreover, the wide range of sizes, including small fitments, make it suitable for different types of vehicles.

Using the latest in Brights LightsAttack COB LED chip technology, the Pegasus LightsAttack LED Headlights are made of aviator-grade 6063 aluminum. This, along with the water- and dust-resistant properties, allow them to withstand even the harshest conditions out there.

And if you think that all this comes at a price, it does--a more affordable one. At P2,000 per pair, it goes for around half the price of its competitors. Yet it doesn't scrimp on high-end features.

So the next time your vehicle needs a headlamp replacement, consider switching to Pegasus LightsAttack LED Headlights.

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