Ferrari 812 Superfast makes stunning Philippine debut

April 12, 2018

Looking back about a year ago, Italian carmaker Ferrari pulled the wraps off the 812 Superfast at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Now, this stunning speed machine is here in the Philippines, thanks to Autostrada Motore, the brand’s official local distributor.

At a glance, the 812 Superfast exudes both aggression and elegance. The front end, for example, showcases the brand’s latest design language, highlighted by sharply-designed LED headlights and a large radiator air intake on the lower bumper.

In profile, it features distinct character lines, complimented by blacked out side skirts. The rear portion, meanwhile, is made fierce with 4 LED tail lights, quad exhausts, and a rear diffuser to complete the look.

But knowing Ferrari, these aesthetics also come with purpose in mind. For starters, its overall wedge-shaped profile (pointy front end, flowing hood, raked windshield, and well-rounded roof that flows down the rear) makes it cut through oncoming air with ease.

Digging deeper, the front under body houses active flaps that automatically move down, flush to the body panel at speed. This effectively smooths out air flow from under the car and helps channel it to the rear diffuser. This is complimented by rear aero ducts located past the C pillars. Together, these aerodynamic solutions help the 812 Superfast achieve 10% and 8% front and rear down force, respectively over the Ferrari F12.

Inside, Ferrari didn’t skim on providing the 812 Superfast the sporty yet comfortable and ergonomic cabin it deserves. First off, just look at how the dash and center console get integrated smoothly into the overall interior design. The console components even have this floating effect that gives off a rather elegant and futuristic feel.

All these, plus a new steering wheel that houses most of the car’s main controls, new infotainment system, and comfy seats contribute to the human-machine-interface design Ferrari is boasting for the past few years now.

Under the hood is a 6.5L V12 mill that lets out 800 hp and 718 Nm of torque. It’s said to be the most potent Ferrari V12 engine to date, with around 80% of torque already available at 3,500 rpm. When pushed, this engine, together with its dual-clutch gearbox, can propel the 812 Superfast from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds. It would eventually send the car up to a maximum speed of 340 km/h which can only be exploited to the fullest on the race track.

And while on the subject of race tracks, the 812 Superfast also comes with a slew of driving dynamics systems. These are the Electric Power Steering, the Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0, and the Side Slip Control 3.0. In brief, the first system improves the car’s steering response, while the second one employs rear-wheel steering that sharpens the car’s overall cornering abilities. The third system, meanwhile, aids in balancing the car and adding to its nimbleness on or off the track.

Autostrada Motore said that the Ferrari 812 Superfast is now available for viewing purposes only as of this time. It presents the car in 2 kinds. The first dons the Rosso Corsa paintwork, paired with a tan interior motif. The second, on the other hand, has the Bianco Avus-colored exterior with Bordeaux interior. The company has yet to disclose the car’s market availability and price.

Photos and video by Paolo Lesaca

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