Future Self-Driving Cars Could Soon Come From BMW, Fiat Chrysler, Intel, and Mobileye

August 18, 2017

A little over a year ago, BMW announced that it would be developing autonomous vehicles together with technology firms Intel Corporation and its subsidiary Mobileye.  Since then the partnership has been hard at work in coming up with a self-driving model that is scheduled to hit the market by 2021.

It looks like the group has been making strides, as a new entity joins them in a bid to further strengthen their efforts. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has signed on to provide technical expertise and its own brand of marketing, particularly in the competitive North American marketplace.

Each of the four companies will bring to the table their own strengths. BMW, for instance, has long been a name to reckon with when it comes to driving performance. It has likewise been making inroads in the area of electric mobility.

Then there are Intel and Mobileye. Both these technology firms are experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence and learning. Their hardware and software are what will make future vehicles highly automated (Level 3) and fully automated (Level4 and 5).

And then there is FCA, which can add a bit of mass-market potential to the mix. This is important if the group wants the world to ride or even own its self-driving cars. Speaking of which, the group is reportedly on track, with its first test vehicle scheduled for release on the road by the end of this year.

The group, however, admits that it cannot do this alone. It welcomes additional help from automotive and technology firms that wish to participate in the endeavor.

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