Hino Opens Its Doors Along UN Avenue in Manila

October 14, 2017

(Top photo_: HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki and Hino U.N. Ave. President and CEO Leoncio Lei Yee Jr., during the prosperity gong in the Hino U.N. Avenue dealership opening ceremony.)


Hino Motors Philippines continues its bid to provide world-class commercial vehicles for the fast-growing Philippine transport and logistics sector by opening yet another dealership. The newest Hino dealership is located along UN Avenue in the City of Manila.

The new Hino UN Avenue sales and service center is managed by the One Alliance Motor Source Inc. (OAMSI), which is under the Broadway Motors Group. This alone signifies that customers can expect the utmost satisfaction as BMG has been in the automotive business since 1961.

HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki welcomed the guests with an inspiring message.

HMP Chairman Mr. Vicente T. Mills, Jr. expressed a message of support from the HMP in light of the Hino U.N. Avenue dealership opening ceremony.

The new partnership between Hino and OAMSI is set to offer new levels of sales and service for the Filipino businessman. With the vision of Helping Build the Nation, the two companies strive to give not only world-class trucks and buses that are safe, reliable, and durable, but likewise plan to engage in vrious activities that will help build a nation.

Hino, which has been providing quality trucks and buses to the Filipino for more than 40 years, now has a new home in the nation’s capital. This means more business folk can see the top-spec models offered by the leading Japanese commercial vehicle maker. Moreover, it is ready to extend after-sales support to ensure that each Hino vehicle remains in tip-top shape.

Experience Hino and its products at the Hino UN Avenue dealership in Manila.

Hino U.N. Avenue President and CEO Leoncio Lei Yee Jr. receives the symbol of dealership from HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki.

HMP executives and Hino U.N. Avenue executives toast for a successful dealership opening.

(From L-R) Hino U.N. Ave. General Manager for Sales Bonifacio Buitizon Jr., Hino U.N. Ave. VP for Administration Susan Pang, Hino U.N. Ave. VP for Finance Cristina Lei Yee, Hino U.N. Ave. Exec. Vice President and COO Willard Keng, HMP Chairman Vicente T. Mills, Jr., Hino U.N. Ave. President and CEO Leoncio Lei Yee Jr., HMP President Hiroshi Aoki, HML Director, Senior Managing Officer Taketo Nakane, HMP  VP-General Sales Augusto Salcedo, HMP VO-Business Planning Susumu Myokan, Marubeni Corporation Deputy General Manager Yusuke Miki, Hino U.N. Ave. VP for Insurance Erlinda 

Hino U.N. Avenue is a full-service dealership  in Metro Manila.

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