Honda Hints at a Sporty and Sustainable Future at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show

October 25, 2017

We all know the Honda brand to be the maker of cars like the Civic, Jazz, City, and CR-V. More enthusiastic car nuts may find nameplates like the Legend, Integra, the Civic Type-R, and the NSX very familiar. Then there are those who know the H brand as a maker of motorcycles, power units, and even jet planes.  

Yet while Honda has had a long history of moving the world and more than 28 million customers, it isn’t about to rest on its laurels just yet. In fact, at this year’s 45th Tokyo Motor Show, which is ongoing at Tokyo Big Sight, the Japanese carmaker sets its eye on the future with a slew of concept cars and motorcycles the hint at a sustainable tomorrow for coming generations.

Among the highlights of this year’s Honda booth are:

  • The Honda EV Sports Concept: The sporty concept car mixes good ol’ Honda styling traits with a hint of future tech. It promises to give motorists the joy of driving while still being conscious about the environment.
  • Honda NeuV: This concept car uses Artificial Intelligence to study drivers’ facial expression and tone of voice in order to judge how best to go about with the journey. It can tailor the driving experience to best suit the driver’s current state in order to bring out the most from them as well as keep them safe.
  • Urban EV Concept: This number hints at a future model that is being planned within the next few years. Not only does it give a peek at what lies ahead in terms of design but more importantly, at what technology will be utilized down the line.
  • Honda CRV Hybrid: Yes, the popular Comfortable Runabout Vehicle now gets a Sport Hybrid i-MMD two-motor hybrid system. This promises more fuel efficient motoring in either front- or Real-Time 4WD.
  • Clarity PHEV: If the name sounds familiar, this is the same Clarity that first came out in Fuel Cell Hydrogen form a few years back. Now, it receives a Sport Hybrid iMMD two-motor hybrid system to increase the range by up to 100km on full electric mode, not to mention cater to more customers.

Honda’s Motorcycle Concepts: These include the Honda Riding Assiste, Neo Sports Café Concept, Super Cub 110, Super Cub C125, and more. These feature new technologies, such as the proprietary balance control. Along with hybrid systems for motorcycles that gives riders grater peace of mind while still letting them have fun on the road.Honda also unveiled a few concepts that are designed to help people get around easily. These mobility devices like the IeMobi, Fure-Mobi, Chair-Mobi, and AI-Mimo Concepts that aim to make mobility possible even for those that aren’t exactly able to do so.

Other cars that were displayed at Honda's booth at 45th Tokyo Motor Show.

It is indeed an electrifying future with Honda while taking care of our planet.

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