Mitsubishi Wants to Drive Your Ambition With Cars Like the e-Evolution Concept

October 26, 2017

Drive Your Ambition—these three seemingly simple words mean a whole lot over at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation nowadays as this is the brand’s new corporate tagline. Launched at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, ongoing at Tokyo Big Sight, it signals a new brand strategy that is set to elevate the marque to new heights in the global automotive arena.

To put all this talk of brand renewal into action, MMC has also revealed the eagerly-anticipated e-Evolution Concept. After all the teasers, the concept vehicle finally breaks cover, showing off a muscular and sporty design combined with technologies that look to the future.

While the Evolution name may evoke images of rally stages and motorsport, the new e-Evolution Concept isn’t exactly all that. Sure, it does have an advanced All-Wheel Drive system. Yet unlike the systems of yore, this one is driven by a single electric motor in front and a Dual Motor Active Yaw Control system at the rear. Controlled by an electrically-driven torque-vectoring system, all three power units give the crossover exceptional grip on any road surface, make it all-weather capable, and heighten driving pleasure.

Moreover, Mitsubishi is employing electric calipers in the braking system. Just like the electric mtoors, this tech promises superior stopping power in any given situation.

Apart from the electric motors and other cool tech, Mitsubishi says that the e-Evolution Concept is a smart vehicle—literally. The Artificial Intelligence system on this concept studies driver moods, behavior, and abilities, as well as the surrounding road and traffic conditions. It then takes these and uses them to provide a driving experience that suits the current situation. The drive can be calm and collected or swift and sporty, depending on how one likes it, along with the conditions that allow it.

And these are exactly what Driving Your Ambition means to Mitsubishi. It takes the nameplate’s 100-year heritage and combines it with tomorrow’s technologies and vision. It takes names like the Evolution and re-packages them as an en vogue yet practical crossover. Plus, it adds a host of features that will make driving safer and more enjoyable in the years to come.

Get to see the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept and other cool vehicles like the Eclipse Cross at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show from October 25 to November 5, 2017.

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