Tuason Racing School Takes the Next Step With the Formula V1

September 28, 2017

For almost two decades, the husband and wife team of JP and Jeanette Tuason has been actively helping many a champion racer reach their dream. From karting to touring cars, Tuason Racing School (TRS) has been giving both professional and grassroots-level participants a legitimate shot at achieving their racing and motorsports aspirations.

With numerous achievements under its belt, one would wonder what comes next for TRS? JP and Jeanette gamely answered this by giving a sneak preview of their newest baby, the Formula V1 formula kit car. Built in partnership with West Race Cars Japan (itself also founded by a husband and wife tandem), the Formula V1 is a lightweight racer intended for intermediate racers.

When we say lightweight, we’re talking about a 530kg tubular chassis that is reinforced with aluminum panels, giving the sole occupant optimum protection. The featherweight racer is powered by a 1.5-liter 1NZ motor that packs 110hp. This allows it to reach a top speed of 200kph.

Such performance is just right for intermediate drivers who have moved up from grassroots racing and are ready to take on more challenging motorsports events. It is likewise intended for more experienced racers who are returning to the sport—to help them get back into the groove. Plus, the easily accessible parts, such as the Toyota Vios-sourced engine, make it more affordable to build and maintain. This, in turn, can make racing more accessible to more folks.

And such a formula (no pun intended) has been proven. West Race Cars has been in the business of engineering and building formula kit cars for some 40 years. And around 200 units of the Formula V1 are in production as these are being used in similar race events in China and Taiwan.

As for TRS, it plans to field the Formula V1 in four legs in the 2018 season. These events are evenly spread out to include sprint and endurance racing. These are meant to give participants the total racing and motorsports experience to help them hone their craft and hopefully, make it big in the global arena within a few years’ time.

Photos by Paolo Lesaca

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