2018: A Most Exciting Year for Bridgestone

December 12, 2018

Bridgestone had one of its most exciting years in 2018. It is fitting because excitement is in Bridgestone's DNA. Not only does it produce tires known all over the world for its safety and convenience, that same safety and convenience allows motorists to live life to the fullest. It gives motorists  the freedom to seek real adventures, soaking up all the beauty this country has to offer.

Kicking off the year was the Annual Dealers Conference where Bridgestone gathered dealers from all over the country. Together they collaborated, sharing their hopes and dreams and infusing the year with the spirit of adventure.


That same spirit led to Bridgestone Real Adventures. This campaign encouraged old and new motorists to live their  lives as best as they can while experiencing life in an authentic and  meaningful fashion. Bridgestone showcased familiar and exotic destinations, with varying road conditions, driving motorists to make vibrant memories along the way.

The spirit of Real Adventures came to life in Rolling Stories, bringing the adventurous Chris Everingham to explore the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the Philippines. Along the way, Chris met up with the musical genius Cattski Espina, one of Cebu’s hidden treasures. Chris also set out for the City of Smiles, Bacolod where he got a taste of some of the sweetest delicacies this side of the equator.

To involve the public, Bridgestone also launched the Share Your World campaign where people shared their precious moments on social media while getting a chance to win a trip to La Union to catch the sights and surf of this picturesque province.


Bridgestone also put the adrenaline into overdrive in the Dare The Road Campaign where  Bridgestone put up for grabs four Volkswagen Golf GTS and four KTM Duke 200s for clients who purchased four brand new Bridgestone tires for their vehicles. This was also to emphasize the importance of vehicle maintenance and tire safety - you can't dare the road if you can't do it safely.


Bridgestone also introduced exciting new products to the Filipino motoring public. In March, it introduced the iconic Firestone to the country, allowing a new generation of motorists to experience driving with the classic All-American tire brand. The company highlighted the durability of the brand in Firestone Tibay Stories which was launched in November. These stories were showcases of why Firestone is one of the most trusted brands in the world.

This year was also the launch of the new Potenza S007 tire. The Potenza has been setting the standard for performance tires since its inception, giving maximum grip to transfer all that raw power to where it matters the most - on the asphalt.


Bridgestone also heated things up in all three legs of  Toyota Vios Cup. A long time partner of one the most sellable and recognizable cars in the country, Bridgestone was able to show that when it came to performance, they mean business. Zooming across different parts of the country, racing junkies and aficionados were given a treat as they watched the best racers go head to head in a battle for prestige and glory

The tire maker likewise gave new tire buyers a treat by giving them a chance to bag a few goodies from McDonald’s each time they dipped their hand in the Box of Wonder. 


Advocacy was also on Bridgestone’s mind, participating in the C! Magazine’s Office Tour to teach motorists and pedestrians about how to keep safe while out on the road.

The tire maker took the opportunity to participate in the struggle against cancer by offering the limited edition Pink Tire Valve. Made available in October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, each set of valves allowed motorists to show their support for the fight against the dreaded disease while at the same time helping fund research and awareness. All the proceeds of the Pink Tire Valves went to the I Can Serve Foundation, a breast cancer awareness advocate group.


2018 was a year full of excitement which is the core of what Bridgestone is all about. If it was this exciting this year, 2019 looks to bring it up a notch. Watch out for more thrills as Bridgestone turns the page to a new exciting chapter.

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