DisipliNAIA hopes to make good manners and right coduct fashionable once again

November 21, 2019

Have good manners and right conduct really gone out of style?

This is the question many tend to ask, what with today’s society becoming just a tad too rude these days.

Yes, our fast-paced lifestyle has unfortunately, come at the expense of basic principles of being respectful to others, much less to their property.

Yet all is not lost as the Manila International Airport Authority has embarked on a discipline campaign called #DisipliNAIA.

As the name suggests, the drive aims to bring back good manners and right conduct in our country’s main air terminals.

From following rules such as falling in line, not cutting through said lines, to respecting the property of others, the drive hopes to cover all.

And it shouldn’t be hard to do, especially if one is brought up right.

And if for some unfortunate reason, one was not taught such manners, the folks from MIAA will gladly fll them in on it.

This covers everyone from airport personnel, passengers, and even well-wishers.

In line with this, the Department of Interior and Local Government, along with the Department of Education, have their respective campaigns to try and bring bck manners to our society.

With all these, we hope to see a more polite society in the months and years to come.

Ity’s time to bring back good manners and right conduct.

Photos: {aolo Lesaca

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