Dress Up Your Space With Foilacar’s La Deco

November 30, 2017

Foilacar is best known in the local automotive scene as a creator of customized car designs using its patented foil technology. Many a car nut have dressed up their ride with a look that suits their personality, albeit without having to use any paint. All it takes is a simple wrapping process.

Now, Foilacar Industries takes this technology to the home—literally—as it ventures into imagery for interiors. The La Deco Lifestyle Division has been created to customize your home, condo, office, or any establishment. And yes, it uses the company’s foil technology.

Available in a wide range of colors and textured materials, La Deco can customize and wrap your walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, and glass. Using imported Belgian products, La Deco can customize just about any part of your home. Or even outside it.

And we’re not simply referring to wrapping a glass window or floor in colored material, mind you. The team will do everything from conceptualizing the look to installing the materials. Plus, you can choose and specify finishes that have a textured, marble, or wood vibe to them.

All told, it’s getting the look you want, minus the hassles of painting and other tedious interior finishing jobs. La Deco could be the next big thing in interior imagery and design.

About the Author

Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
Gerard has been a self-confessed car nut ever since he was a little boy. As a grown-up, he indulges in his passion by collecting toy cars (which he started since childhood) and reading up on the latest cars out there.  As Associate Editor, he will ensure that you get your fill of the latest cars in the market, as well as a load of automotive features.