The Foton Toano Limousine is a luxury liner for the road

July 30, 2018

With traffic seemingly worsening by the day, it’s not surprising that many folks choose to lead the #VanLife. You know, converting their van into a mobile home just so they can make life on the road a tad more comfortable. This is why carmakers like Foton serve up models like the Toano Limousine.

As the name suggests, the Toano Limousine takes its cue from the standard Toano that was first seen in 2015. It even shares the same 5,990mm length, 2,000mm width, and 2,415mm height. Yet this one adds a host of amenities that befit its limousine moniker.

The 6ft. floor to ceiling height, for instance, is one key difference. This allows occupants to stand inside and stretch out in total comfort. Then there are the 10 seats as opposed to the standard 15-seater. This means added legroom for all. And of course, all these seats are clad in leather and even have powered adjustments to help each person find the most comfortable seating position.

The biggest difference, however, can be seen on the inside. The Blue Pin Lighting exudes a calm yet vibrant mood. The laminated wood floor gives the van a more luxurious vibe while sunshades offer a bit of privacy while on the road. Other niceties include a comfort meter, an electronic kettle, a clock, a heater, and an electronic footboard. The last piece makes for easy ingress and egress—truly useful, considering that this is a tall vehicle.

Powering this luxury liner on wheels is a 2.8-liter Cummins four-cylinder diesel with Foton Blue Energy technology. Rated at 160hp and mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, it promises more than adequate thrust to haul a full load of passengers and gear.

This being a family-friendly vehicle, Foton has equipped the Toano Limousine with a host of safety kit such as front SRS airbags, ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution, headlamp levelizer, and reverse sensors with camera.

What’s also cool is that you can choose from a slew of exterior colors to suit your mood and personality. There’s a palette that’s available which reflects your style.

Yes, the Foton Toano Limousine promises to be your home away from home—whether it’s for traffic-infested gridlock or long road trips. Either way, the Toano Limousine will keep you comfortable and safe as you lead the #VanLife.

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