Higher pump prices? Here are a few tips to help save fuel

July 25, 2018

Fuel price hikes have become a regular occurrence over the past few months. In fact, the price of oil has gone up by roughly P50 over the past year. And this can only mean one thing—higher gas bills for overyone.

While this may seem like a bleak scenario, we need not become hermits and stay home. On the contrary, we can practice a few fuel-saving tips that won’t only help us save money but can likewise lessen the use of this precious commodity as well as decrease air pollution. The folks fron Chevrolet Philippines share a few simple tips:

One way to save fuel is by keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Get a regular tune-up. This means adjusting engine timing, checking sensors like oxygen sensors and the like, and replacing spark plugs (for gasoline engines). This will help you save up to 4 percent on fuel.

While you’re at it, it would be best to check if your engine oil is still good. You may likewise want to make sure you’re using the correct grade of engine oil. And unclogging dirty air, oil, and fuel filters can definitely do the trick. These will help reduce engine friction and help your engine breathe better.

Another area you may want to look into is your tires. Are they properly inflated? While it may look cool, avoid using oversized wheels and tubber as this can make life harder for your engine. And ultimately, lead to higher consumption.

An area that can likewise be overlooked is fuel evaporation. Thanks to a loose fuel cap, fuel can easily escape into the atmosphere, causing wastage. Check to see that the cap fits properly to avoid such occurrences.

And of course, certain habits can likewise spell the difference between higher spending and savings. Remove excess clutter for your car. Added weight equates to increased engine load. Use the airconditioning prudently. And don’t idle the engine to long.

While you’re at it, mind the way you drive. Don’t speed up too fast as this isn’t only dangerous but wasteful as well. Get to the highest gear as soon as possible to lower engine revs. And maintain a steady cruising speed. In other words, take it easy behind the tiller.

Yes, doing these simple suggestions can definitely help you save up on precious fuel.

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