The Hyundai H-100 (a.k.a: Kapitan Kargo) could just be your next business partner

November 16, 2019

Looking to set up or expand your existing business?

You might need a reliable and dependable partner to help you deliver goods and services to various locations.

Look no further than the Hyundai H-100.

Dubbed as Kapitan Kargo, the Korean carmaker’s light truck packs a wallop in terms of cargo carrying capacity, as well as mechanical performance.

Hyundai claims that this little hauler will be able to take more than 1 ton of load on its spacious bed. It can pack long items as well as boxes, just to name a few.

Those that may be concerned that its engine might not be able to hack it will be pleased to know that the 2.5-liter CRDI diesel motor with 130hp and 260Nm is more than adequate to meet your needs.

Plus, the Load Sensing Proportioning Valve-fitted brakes ensure powerful stopping power under any load.

And with an ergonomic cabin, your crew will be able to deliver your goods—minus the stress of being on the road for hours on end.

So consider the Hyundai H-100 as your next business partner.

Who knows?

Kapitan Kargo might just be what you need to achive business success.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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