Keeping hydrated while on the go: When it’s okay to drink and drive

July 28, 2018

We’re constantly reminded to never drink and drive. This is because it is a known fact that consuming alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel can have fatal consequences as this drastically slows down your reflexs and can get your into an accident. Yet did you know that drinking and driving can actually be a good thing?

We of course refer to keeping hydrated, especially before a long drive. Studies have shown that a hungry and thirsty person who gets behind the wheel can become extra irritatable and a source of road rage. Moreover, being low on energy can likewise hamper one’s reflexes while behind the tiller. This is why it is important to keep hydrated before and during a drive.

Some drinks you can take in are fruit juice, electrolyte-rich energy drinks, and coffee. Such beverages help replenish your body with sugar, energy-giving electrolytes, and caffeine. All these help yu stay alert and ready to face the challenges of the road ahead. Of course, water is still the best pick-me-up for any drive. It likewise helps relieve you of fatigue and dizziness, should you experience this during your drive.

Apart from fluids, it is likewise best to have a handy snack like an energy bar, cookies, or or candy on hand to give you a asugar rush or energy boost. Not only will these help you stay awake but they will keep you alert on the move.

So before a long drive, don’t forget to drink—the good kind of drinks, that is.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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