Kia’s Little Crossover is Full of Soul

April 9, 2018

With crossovers being all the rage these days, Kia should be credited for giving the market something unique in the form of the Kia Soul. Sure, it’s boxy. But that’s exactly what makes it standout in the sea of jellybean-shaped offerings from every other carmaker.

First seen in the local market in 2009, the Soul has managed to sing its own tune and follow the beat of its own drum, so to speak. The squarish flanks make it roomy inside for both passengers and cargo. And it’s easy to spot in a crowded parking lot.

Beyond the looks, the Kia Soul has likewise become the platform of choice to showcase the Korean carmaker’s other groundbreaking technologies. With electric vehicles set to become the next big thing in the auto industry, the Soul Electric is the brand’s very own test mule to iron out all the kinks in the system.

Then there is the Autonomous Driving technology that is currently undergoing development. Again, a Soul is being used for this. And even before EVs and self-driving cars, Kia’s Dual Clutch Transmission made its local debut in the Soul back in 2016. With a thrifty yet potent diesel motor to boot.

What exactly does this mean to the ordinary consumer, you ask? It simply shows that one who chooses a vehicle like the Soul can be as bold as the crossover itself. It’s stylish, tech laden, and full of confidence. Sure, it has its quirks. But what car doesn’t?

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