Kia Preventive Maintenance Service: When prevention is better than cure and maintenance is more than just an oil change

July 9, 2018

For most car owners, getting an oil change, filling up on premium fuel, checking tire pressures, or topping up the cooling system when low is a sign that they’re taking good care of their vehicle. While this may be true, the simple fact is that these aren’t enough. This is especially true in today’s driving environment wherein regular heavy traffic and sporadic weather changes can wreak havoc on the vehicle’s mechanicals.

This is why Columbian Autocar Corporation, official Kia distributor in the country, recommends Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS). Just like going for a regular checkup, PMS can help prevent any problems that may occur during the ownership period. It essentially takes its cue from the age-old adage prevention is vbetter than cure.

PMS goes beyond the regular oil change as it involves well-trained technicians going over your vehicle with the proverbial fine-tooth comb. This means everything from the cooling system, various filters, engine timing, and even dings on the paintwork will be scrutinized and addressed accordingly. This will ensure that your ride remains in top form for kilometers and years to come.

And should any part need replacement, Kia technicians will recommend using nothing but Kia Genuine Parts. Each of these pieces are designed specifically to fit and work with your Kia vehicle. These parts were tailor-made to suit your Kia and help it cope with various conditions thrown at it.

Get to know more about Kia’s Preventive Maintenance Service by visiting your friendly Kia dealer. .

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