Nissan Energy: Going beyond merely reducing emissions

November 28, 2018

For most people, an electric vehicle is usually associated with guilt-free motoring. It’s a way to get around without necessarily putting a strain on one’s carbon footprint. Yet the folks at Nissan see electric mobility as being much more than that. It perceives it as having a potential to help society become truly clean and green—going beyond zero emssions.

Case in point is Nissan Energy, the Japanese carmaker’s proposed green energy ecosystem. With cars like the Nissan Leaf, the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, Nissan Energy is poised to create an ecosystem with the EV at the core. It utilizes three key components: Nissan Energy Supply, Nissan Energy Share, and Nissan Energy Storage.

Nissan Energy Supply is meant to ensure that all electric vehicles plying our roads will have a sustainable supply of electricity for charging. Be at at home, at work, on the road, or at their destination, owners need not worry about running on empty.

Nissan Energy Share, as the name suggests, is designed so that EV owners can power their homes or businesses using the battery packs of their EVs. This will be useful not only during calamities but also helps reduce their reliance on the grid. Speaking of the power grid, Nissan electric vehicles are dseigned to “give back” to the grid by reverting energy back to the system.

Finally, Nisan Energy Storage will make sure that once the EV batteres are spent, these can be used in more productive ways and not simply be disposed as added waste. Again, it is in keeping with reducing our environmental impact.

With all these, it is hoped that people who buy electric vehicles will see their full potential and reap the benefits of a green future.

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