The Nissan NV300 Concept Van is a sustainable artist’s haven on wheels

January 19, 2019

Custom vans are nothing new. We’ve seen quite a few seemingly ordinary vans being transformed into mobile homes and offices that are designed to “Manila proof” the ride against the horrors of Metro traffic. Yet somehow, Nissan’s latest concept  takes things just a tad further.

We refer to the NV300 Concept Van that was unveiled in Brussels, Belgium recently. From the outside, it ia a no-nonsense NV300 van. Yet open the door and you’ll find a fully customized mobile workspace that is designed for those that are into woodwork and handicrafts.

Nisan has put in a whole slew of amenities and materials that will cater to any discerning woodwork artist. It is a nod to the old-school art form that has somehow become quite a rarity in today’s digital age. And this is where the innovative part comes in: the Nissan Energy ROAM battery pack.

Utilizing batteries from a Nissan LEAF that are now on their second life, the battery pack provides a truly sustainable solution for powering the workspace. Not only does it showcase just how sustainable Nissan batteries are. It likewise allows one to be environment friendly as it can even be charged using solr panels mounted on the van’s roof.

While the NV300 is pretty much a concept for now, it shows what the future holds for custom vans and green mobility.

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Mr. Gerard Jude Castillo
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